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When I first walked through the door, I thought what on earth am I doing here, I am not sure this is really for me, everyone knows each other, it all looks a bit daunting. In the space of a few months, I found I was pulling myself up on bars, hanging upside off rings, lifting weights above my head. All normal things for CrossFit but not so normal when you are woman of a certain age. The cameraderie and support you will experience at CrossFit Norwich cannot be overstated. What seems impossible today, will be a reality tomorrow.- Karen
My crossfit journey started on 30 October 2013 when Sarah and I turned up with some intrepidation and fear, I think I had already sent you a text that day saying I was scared! Well I didn't anticipate the warm welcome we received and still vividly remember that first WOD 8 swings 8 squats and 400m run x 5 rounds in 20 minutes I think we did it with seconds to spare but I was hooked. I remember the furious texting to Sarah with words like 'immense' great' and 'loved it'. Fundamentals booked, Andy with his patience and determination got me through this ( mind you I think you forgot to tell me I wouldn't be able to walk for 3 days after) and then we signed up and the rest is history ... weekly then twice weekly now unlimited soon to be booked where will I stop!!!! If I was writing a book my acknowledgements would be a big thank you to Tom, my son who inspired me to start the Crossfit journey and an even bigger thank you to you Donna, Andy, Scott and Dave who make me feel like I am coming home every time I walk through the CFN doors. Thank you guys.- Debbie
I joined CF one year ago after a friend recommended it to me. I look back from when I first started and can’t believe what I thought being fit was. The workouts are hard but nothing good in life comes easy and because of this it gives you a can do attitude and now the harder the workout the more I enjoy them. there is a real good community spirit at CFN which is common to all CF boxes. It’s ideal for people working away like myself as CFN offer a blog spot where the daily workouts are posted. So there isn’t any excuses not to train if you are away except death and cowardness!!- Mark
CrossFit is the hardest, but most rewarding type of training I have ever done and can't see myself ever going back to a ``regular`` gym. It's such a great environment to work out in and everything is geared towards helping you to reach your goals. Sessions are enjoyable and achievable, no matter what your fitness level. There is a great sense of community and camaraderie at CFN which really adds to the enjoyment of working out there - I can't recommend it highly enough- Michelle
It is wrong, very wrong, but I keep turning up and unbelievebly am getting stronger, loosing weight and worryingly have decided to do it twice a week!- Maryanne