CFN really is a one stop shop for complete well-being. Your training is catered for in our CrossFit classes, personal training sessions and other programmes. One thing often neglected is proper nutrition. Bodytype Nutrition certified Coach Paul Emmons specialises in individualised nutrition programming to support your training goals. Training alone can only get you so far but with nutritional support running alongside becoming fitter and stronger, not forgetting looking good are guaranteed.

After full initial assessment you will be given an individualised plan. This is not a ‘diet’ plan but a constantly evolving plan that will be tweaked and changed along the way. Weekly check ins are a must to help keep the plan on track.

What do you get for £150?

Full initial and ongoing assessment for 2 months. Our goal is to educate rather than just give you a plan to follow. After the two months I would expect you to have a good grasp of your own nutritional needs. If you feel you need more help then obviously it will be on hand. Paul is always contactable via email or phone (at reasonable hours).

Contact Paul for more information of your nutrition plan.

Nutrition made easy

Contact Paul for more information of your nutrition plan.